Meeting Minutes 2 Feb 2019

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Minutes for Feb. 2, 2019 Meeting of the Ephraim M. Daggett Chapter #36 of the Sons of the Republic of Texas (unofficial)

President John Williams called the regular meeting to order at 8:45 a.m.

Chaplain Roger Tate opened the meeting with an invocation. The pledges to the American and Texas flags given. Installation of 2019 officers was done by Derek Lindsey. They include:

President – Mike Edwards

Vice President – Rob Wilson

Secretary – Willie Downs

Treasurer – Vaughn Oliver

Sgt. at Arms – Chris Hull

Chaplain – Roger Tate

Historian/Membership – Gerry Gieger

Program Chair – Jay Arrington

There were 19 members and 2 guests present at the meeting, including guest members Mr. Weast and his son, who is a Jr. member. Ancestor roll call took place. Don Goodman’s birthday was that day, and an update was given on his heath, that he was still sick. Jay Arrington has an anniversary March 10th.

Chapter members went around the room and presented special personal items for the “Show and Tell” program, which took place during the Ancestory roll call. Jay Arrington presented a biography about Henry Raynes who was an ancestor of his. Vaughn brought a piece of a log from the Gaige Cabin. Many other interesting pieces of Texas History were also presented.

Officer reports were given.

Secretary Willie Downs presented the minutes of the Dec. 1. 2018 meeting. A second was made by Gerry Gieger.

Program chair Arrington stated the March program will consist of John Williams, former Chapter President, speaking on the Republic of Texas Embassies in Europe.

Tate closed the meeting with a benediction by Chaplain Tate.

The meeting was adjourned.